Please support us through the COVID-19 crisis

A message from Tom, our Co-Founder:

We rely on fundraising events like Cosmic Slop to pay 
our bills and ensure that our education programme, which supports young people, continues to run.

Without this money coming in we’re not quite sure what the future holds for us.

We have always needed to subsidise our education department with public fundraising. Despite everything going on, now is no different.

We know many others will be asking the same, but if you are able 
to donate to support us through this difficult time, we would be 
very grateful.

Sending everyone love at this difficult time. Stay safe out there and we’ll see you on the other side.

Tom x


By collectively working together to achieve MAP Charity’s vision for the Hope Foundry project, your contribution will help transform the lives of young people in Leeds and create a new hub for the community.


Pledge to raise upwards of £50,000 to secure MAP Charity’s future and make this vision a reality. Your phenomenal contribution will be acknowledged through a range of channels across our campaign and a specially commissioned artwork. To view our Gift Acceptance policy please click here.

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We couldn't do this without the incredible support and good will of our donors, partners and sponsors... Thank you so much!