Our Fundraising Focus:
Help us fix up Hope Foundry

This campaign runs from December 2019 to Q1 2020

Now that we own Hope Foundry, it’s on us to maintain a safe and inspiring learning environment for our students.

We need your help to make this happen – ensuring that the building properly supports our grassroots community work, while building strong foundations for our longer-term plans at Hope Foundry.


By collectively working together to achieve MAP Charity’s vision for the Hope Foundry project, your contribution will help transform the lives of young people in Leeds and create a new hub for the community.


Pledge to raise upwards of £50,000 to secure MAP Charity’s future and make this vision a reality. Your phenomenal contribution will be acknowledged through a range of channels across our campaign and a specially commissioned artwork. To view our Gift Acceptance policy please click here.

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We couldn't do this without the incredible support and good will of our donors, partners and sponsors... Thank you so much!